Mark Dobbs was born in Charlotte, NC. His early childhood was spent drawing, creating, and building; a talent which stemmed from his moms side of the family. The true love of painting old cars came from his grandfather, who was an avid collector of antique convertibles that fascinated Mark at a young age. This fascination, lead Mark and his father to restore a red 1949 Chevrolet truck. Many days were spent together searching junk yards for the right parts to bring the truck back to life.
While restoring his old truck, Mark’s self taught artistic talent enabled him to venture into the commercial world of sign painting and design. At the age of 15 Mark started a sign company out of his garage while attending high school.
As the sign business grew, Mark studied commercial art in Charlotte for a year then moved to Boone, NC and enrolled at Appalachian State University. While brokering signs in college mark focused his studies on advertising, art and marketing an earned a BS degree in Media Advertising.
Currently, Mark enjoys searching for old abandoned automobiles in the countryside and bringing life and character back into these relic works of art as he and his father once did. He also enjoys painting any subject matter that comes to him as an inspiration and enjoys commission work as well.

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